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We here at BeerThirty have been running into an apparent age-old phenomenon recently, and we wanted to take the time to bend our significant scientific minds toward the task of getting to the root cause.

Q: What is this heinous issue we are speaking about?

A: Looking down into your beer glass, can, or bottle and finding that it is amazing empty, or the “WTFDMBGP (Where the fuck did my Beer go phenomenon)”

Welcome to our second instalment where we will discuss even more possibilities. You can check out our first installment here.


Honey badger don't care. Honey badger don't give a shit.


Happy Father's Day! May all your wishes come true! Ladies, take note here of the perfect gift! :)



Selfie Friday! NSFW!!!


Happy Friday biatches! Enjoy a collection of selfies we have received over the last month. If you would like to send in your selfie, either click here or send your photos via email to !


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For the Ladies - BeerThirty Beefcakes

As promised, ladies, your BeerThirty Beefcakes!


Hernia bound!

Gotta Love Rugby


How about some epic asses?

Well, it is always a good time to view some great derrieres! Happy Beer Thirty, and send in your pics!


From one of our fans

From one of our fans. Ladies can you top it?

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