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Congratz to Dallas for being the logo competition winner!


   Jester Kings' Brewery and Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza are two of the best kept secrets in the Texas Hill country. Today, we were invited to come out and enjoy some of their brew, pizza, and hospitality.

   Located in the Hill Country, west of Austin, TX, these establishments are far from the public eye, but not from the heart of people looking for a great place to relax and enjoy the day. At the time we left, there were well over 300 people eating, touring, and drinking.

Well, it is always a good time to view some great derrieres! Happy Beer Thirty, and send in your pics!

I had the wonderful opportunity to get an inside look at one of the up and coming breweries, Tasty Planet Brewing. They are the makers of some truly fantastic traditional IPA brews such as Bucket Head IPA, Thirsty Goat Amber, and Yellow Armadillo Wheat.



Selfie Friday! NSFW!!!


Happy Friday biatches! Enjoy a collection of selfies we have received over the last month. If you would like to send in your selfie, either click here or send your photos via email to !


Click pictures for larger images! Also be sure to check out the rest of the site for more libraries like this one!


Save the Boobies

Well, the title says it all, "Save the Boobies!". Since we LOVE boobies, we feel they should be saved, unlike those damn polar bears.


We've all been there...

Beer Reporters Needed

Do you love beer?

Do you like getting into cool places for free?

Do you have the drive to bring the best news to the best fans in the world?

We may have a job for you!


Beer Thirty Shall Continue!

Thank you all for your great support in shares, and likes, and spreading the word about BeerThirty.com, the greatest BEER site on the web!

We have spoken to many potential buyers, and one thing pops up again and again: They love the way it’s going, and don’t want to mess with a good thing! What a compliment! They also, almost every one of them, said rather than sell Beer Thirty, to build it up even more and provide services and products that you, our users would love to have.

With that in mind, we will soon be working up several ways for Beer Thirty to start being revenue positive. Several of these ideas are:


Hernia bound!

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