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1) You don't have to worry about a hangover
2) Put the bar tab on your credit card
3) Drink as much as you want! Zombies won't care if your liver is damaged
4) Last chance for Karaoke for, well, forever.
5) Yes, you can tap that. There is no STD that isn't curable by the total annihilation of the human race.

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Beer companies seek dismissal of reservation suit

Associated Press

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - Beer vendors in a tiny Nebraska town would be forced to discriminate against residents of a neighboring South Dakota American Indian reservation if a judge agrees with a lawsuit accusing the retailers and others of knowingly contributing to the reservation's alcohol-related problems, attorneys said in asking for the lawsuit to be dismissed.

The argument is among several made in motions filed Friday asking a judge to dismiss the $500 million lawsuit filed by the Oglala Sioux Tribe against some of the world's largest beer makers, as well as their distributors and the four beer stores in the reservation border town of Whiteclay.


Beer Study - WTFDMBGP


We here at BeerThirty have been running into an apparent age-old phenomenon recently, and we wanted to take the time to bend our significant scientific minds toward the task of getting to the root cause.

Q: What is this heinous issue we are speaking about?

A: Looking down into your beer glass, can, or bottle and finding that it is amazing empty, or the “WTFDMBGP (Where the fuck did my Beer go phenomenon)”


We have come up with several possible explanations, and will run them down for you here.


Thirsty Planet Brewing Review

I had the wonderful opportunity to get an inside look at one of the up and coming breweries, Tasty Planet Brewing. They are the makers of some truly fantastic traditional IPA brews such as Bucket Head IPA, Thirsty Goat Amber, and Yellow Armadillo Wheat.



Yum, Beer Shampoo

Pour another—for your hair. Turns out that pumpkin ale could be exactly what it needs to look healthy and shiny. No joke: Beer hair isn't just what happens when some drunk guy spills his Guinness on you, or when you accidentally dip your locks into your drink. On the contrary, beer shampoo is trendy—intoxicatingly so, some might say—and it's landing everywhere from high-tier salons to your neighbor's shower.

"People put beer in lamb, in bread, in pastries," says Francky L'Official, a celebrity hairstylist who works with clients like Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Mena Suvari, and Vanessa Minnillo. "Why not use it for your hair, too? It gives it body and makes it shiny and bouncy."

That's because two of the basic ingredients in beer—malt and hops—are packed with protein, which acts as a nourishing and strengthening agent. Soaking, rinsing, or spritzing your hair with beer will strengthen the cuticles and help repair damage. Alcohol also contains B vitamins and natural sugars, which add a glossy shine. "Beer is great for fine or fragile hair," says Marta Wohrle, founder of Truth in Aging, a website that reviews beauty products. "The proteins bind to the hair shaft and give it more volume," boosting the appearance of thickness.

You don't have to splurge on fancy varieties, either. In fact, it's best to stick with traditional brews to maximize nutrients while minimizing chemicals. When L'Official gives the beer treatment, he shampoos clients' hair, pops open a warm bottle of Budweiser Select, pours it on their head, rinses, and then dries and styles as usual. If you're experimenting at home, you have two options: Purchase some, or make it yourself.

A growing number of companies, including LUSH and Redken, are drinking up the trend. LUSH's Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo is made of "a locally sourced microbrew; a thick, rich vegan stout; and lemon juice, cognac oil, lemongrass, and balsamic vinegar," says Erica Vega, one of the company's product trainers. "It contains almost 50 percent beer. It does all the functions of a normal shampoo, but also gives extra volume and silkiness." A 16.9 ounce bottle goes for $29.95. (It's not available as a six-pack ... yet.)

If you'd rather go the DIY route, Wohrle suggests trying these recipes:

Beer shampoo. Ingredients: 1 cup mild shampoo, ¼ cup boiled beer. Boil the beer before letting it cool to room temperature, and then mix it with shampoo. Although the alcohol has cleansing properties, combining it with shampoo makes it better able to remove dirt and grease.

Beer conditioner. Ingredients: 1 cup warm beer (preferably mildly scented), and 1 teaspoon jojoba oil, which is available everywhere from GNC to Walmart. Combine ingredients, apply to hair, and spread from ends to scalp before rinsing well. It's a natural conditioner that won't make your hair look greasy. Beer adds body, while jojoba oil adds shine. You can wash with both beer shampoo and conditioner; no need to stick with just one.

Beer and cider vinegar rinse. Ingredients: 1 ounce water, 2 teaspoons cider vinegar, 1 oz. flat beer, 5 drops rosemary essential oil. Rub this through your hair after shampooing and conditioning to remove build-up from styling products.

How to: Create a beer box Cowboy Hat

Ever want to know how too make one of those cool Beer Box hats? Here is a 


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